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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Ultimate Bacon Buttie

The Ultimate Bacon Buttie

Scientists at Leeds University have just announced the results of a study that they have been conducting into bacon sandwiches.

They were commissioned to test more than 700 variations of bacon sandwich, varying cooking method, type of oil, cut of bacon and type of bread.

They have now perfected the recipe for the ultimate bacon buttie.

It is: N=C+{fb(cm).fb(tc)}+fb(Ts)+fc.ta.

This shows how to make a sandwich that balances the force in Newtons required to crunch through the cooked bacon, with factors such as the temperature of the sandwich and the cooking time.

Back bacon needs to be grilled under a pre-heated grill for seven minutes at 240 degrees.

The bacon should be served on slices of white farmhouse bread 1-2cm thick, with sauce added to taste.

Dr Graham Clayton, who led the research team, said:

"We often think that it's the taste and smell of bacon that consumers find most attractive. But our research proves that texture and sound is just, if not more, important.

While there was much debate within our taste panels on the smoked or unsmoked decision, everyone agreed that tough or chewy bacon is a turn-off.

So, if you want to cook the perfect bacon buttie at home, our recommendation is to choose thinly sliced bacon with just enough fat, grilled in a hot oven and served with dollops of your favourite sauce

The research was commissioned by Danish Bacon and Meat Council as part of their 2007 promotional campaign, which is all about bacon sandwiches.

As far as I am concerned, crispy bacon is a turn off; I prefer it lightly grilled.

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