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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cadbury's Taken To Court

Cadbury's Taken To Court

In the wake of last year's salmonella outbreak in chocolate bars, Cadbury's is facing an appearance in court.

Cadbury Schweppes faces prosecution over the outbreak of salmonella that forced it to recall a million chocolate bars.

Birmigham City Council has accused Cadbury's of placing "unsafe" chocolate products on the market, and of failing to immediately inform the authorities about the contamination.

Cadbury's will also be prosecuted for failing to identify hazards from chocolate bars contaminated with salmonella, and of failing to identify "corrective actions".

The cost to the company of having to deal with the infection is estimated to be around £30M, plus the consequential damage to its brand value.

Cadbury's has been summoned to appear before Birmingham Magistrates' Court on 15 June.

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