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Restaurant Reviews


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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Black Marks For The Gaucho Grill

Black Marks For The Gaucho Grill

Eva and I returned to the Gaucho Grill at Canary Wharf yesterday, for a meal.

Whilst the food and service were good, they did let themselves down in one respect.

Their sirloin steak, that is proudly displayed raw, comes with a layer of fat; as indeed it should do.

Indeed the layer of fat is one of the key selling points that the Gaucho Grill makes in its sales pitch.

Duly sold, I ordered a steak.

Unfortunately, the chef and the sales team do not seem to be talking to each other; as when the steak arrived, the fat had been cut off.

The error was further compounded by the manager saying, when I queried this, that the fat had probably burnt away.


Effective communication between the kitchen and front house staff is essential, if a restaurant is to succeed.

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