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Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Follow Up to Mama Amalfi

I received an email from another dissatisfied customer of Mama Amalfi today, here is an extract:

"...Dear Ken

I was very interested with your website - at last a website to get genuine feedback on restaurants in the Croydon area.

I too visited Mama Amalfi with friends. The staff had a "can't be bothered" attitude. They took ages to come and take your order. When the order finally arrived the food was cold. The main course took ages to arrive (in fact 2 hours!) and then the same for the dessert.

Myself and my Husband had to dash off and leave our poor friends to deal with the bill otherwise we would have missed our last train home..... and we had to settle the money with them later. I had booked this restaurant in good faith (its looks wonderful from the outside - how misleading) and had told them that it looked "good" - how wrong I was - it was so embarrassing! I really do no know why people eat there - I definitely will never book a table there again....."

Extracts of my response:

"...Many thanks for your note. Sorry to hear you had a bad time at Mama's.

It is a shame, because I remember when it opened some 8 (I think) years ago, it was good; live opera singers in the basement on Fridays etc.

How thíngs change! Very silly, as there is far more competition in the restaurant trade in Croydon now; so they ought to be on their toes.

I am inclined to drop them a note inviting them to view my website.

We were lucky, we walked out before sitting down!

Never mind Croydon has many other (good) restaurants, put it down to experience.

Hope you are enjoying my website, as it continues to grow.

Please keep visiting...."

Maybe the owners of Mama Amalfi would care to respond to this?

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