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Monday, November 25, 2002


Mama Amalfi
18 George Street

Phone:- 0208 688 5787


Eva and I made a reservation for 9:00PM Saturday night. We arrived on time and were shown to our table.

This was poorly situated, being positioned at the left hand side of the archway leading from the bar to the main restaurant area. It was far too close to the table behind it, had I sat down I would have been bumping chairs with the person behind me. Eva’s position was no better; her chair was squashed (by the table) far too close to the wall behind her, and on her left was a large plant which would have intruded into her personal space.

Needless to say we did not accept the table, and requested a better one. We were told that the restaurant was busy, and that there were no others..very much a take it or leave it attitude! We left it, and went elsewhere.

Here is a list of points that I suggest the management address:

1. When a restaurant accepts a booking they should ensure that they can accommodate the customer; if it is full then don’t take the booking.

2. Don’t assume that customers will accept being crammed into their tables, in the manner of a fast food chain, we (the customers) won’t accept that.

3. Should the restaurant be busier than anticipated when the booking was made; then apologise, offer a drink at the bar and ask if the customer would be prepared to wait.

4. Mama Amalfi has seating in the basement, as well as on the ground floor. Should the restaurant be in a fortunate position of being busy on the ground floor, then open up the basement and offer people some decently spaced tables.

Needless to say we will not bother returning, until the management prove to my satisfaction that they have addressed these issues. Your choice guys, you will be out of business if you don’t!

Overall Opinion

Don’t waste your time or money going there, Croydon is overflowing with restaurants, many of which still remember that the customer should not be taken for granted.

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