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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Brighton Food Festival

The Brighton Food Festival

Brighton and Hove are hosting a month long Food and Drink Festival, this September.

I took the opportunity to wander through the festival market on New Road and Jubilee Road (which ran this weekend). It was lively and contained a veritable smorgasbord of stalls offering a fine array of food and drink; oysters, sausages, cheeses, bread, vegetables, Mediterranean cuisines, Thai cuisine, and cakes etc. There was even a live cooking demonstration.

However, I would like to make two observations:

- the prices charged by some stalls were over the top; eg £5 for a container of rice and chicken soon breaks the budget if there are several in the family, and £1.50 for basil in a pot (which could be bought in the nearby supermarket for 69p) was "taking the piss".

- At one point in the street the stalls, on opposite sides of the street, were placed too close together, thus causing a very slow moving traffic jam of people who were unable to pass by and could not easily access (or even view) the stalls in that area.

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