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Monday, February 04, 2008

Dangerous Dumplings

Dangerous Dumplings

The recent bout of food poisoning caused by contaminated Chinese made frozen dumplings, imported into Japan, has damaged Sino Japanese relations.

A pesticide called methamidophos was found in the dumplings made by Tian Yang Food.

The Japanese government are to send a team of officials and experts to China to investigate the case.

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary, Nobutaka Machimura, said that the four-member team will be dispatched to conduct on-the-spot inspection of the factory and exchange views with officials of the Chinese government.

It is not yet clear whether the food products were contaminated during the production and transportation process in China. However, small holes have been found in some of the packages.

Several hundred people throughout Japan have reported discomfort due, allegedly to having Chinese food in the last few days. However, the number of people confirmed by the Japanese government as suffering from eating the poisoned dumpling remains at 10.

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