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Restaurant Reviews


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Monday, September 17, 2007



The world's largest bowl of porridge ever was created in Edinburgh this weekend.

It weighed 81.2kg, easily beating the previous world record of 66.26kg, and was served to around 2,000 people at the Edinburgh Farmers' Market.

The porridge was stirred by a specially commissioned 1.5m spurtle, and Stoats Porridge Bars provided 25kg of organic oats.

Border Tablet provided pieces of tablet to be sprinkled on top of the porridge, while Caurnie Soap produced a giant soap made with oats.

The Edinburgh Farmers' Market is held in the city's Castle Terrace

Edinburgh Farmers' Market takes place in the Castle Terrace car park, off Lothian Road, every Saturday from 0900 BST until 1400 BST.

It is the largest in Scotland, with over 70 producers attending regularly.

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