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Restaurant Reviews


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Friday, February 24, 2006

Feast of Contemporary Indian Art

One of London's most fashionable Indian restaurants, the Quilon Restaurant and Bar, recently held an exhibition of contemporary Indian art (8th-19th February).

The exhibition, called a "Feast of Contemporary Indian Art", had items taken from a collection at the Gallery Sumukha in Bangalore.

Gallery Sumukha was set up in 1996, and its mission is to promote awareness of Indian contemporary art both within and without India.

The works of 27 Indian artists were represented at Quilon, and included; acrylic and oil paintings, copper relief and watercolours, by artists such as Manish Pushkale, Laxma Goud and Rayis Komu.

An auction was then held to provide an art degree for an overseas student.

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Hannah said...

Quilon is a truly fantastic restaurant, I was really impressed with the food and service during my evening there. I'm not surprised it was awarded a michelin star, it really did appeal to the tastebuds! The decor was great too, just an all round impressive place to dine at in my opinion. A little expensive but it was worth every penny!